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Hornet Sport 60 Biplane

Aerobatic Radio Control Model Airplane

Capture the Beauty of Flight with this Exciting Aerobatic Biplane

Technical Notes
Balsa, Ply, Bass Wood
Built-up Construction
Wing span 46"
Wing area 930 sq"
Length 42-1/2"
Weight 6.5 lb
Uses 4-channel radio
Uses standard servos
Uses .60ci 2-cycle engine
4-outboard ailerons
Symmetrical airfoil
Solid fuselage sides
Solid tail feathers
Removeable balsa cowl
Removeable wings
Braces and gussetts
Partial wing sheeting
Rib caps
Wing hold-down tabs
Plywood firewall
Plywood LG mount
Basswood wing struts
Basswood servo rails
Basswood elevator joiner
Balsa wheel pants

Designed by Lee Stangel

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